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Bridge and Street Work for Canal Blvd. and 2nd Street Area

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Allemandi Construction has nearly completed the bridge over the irrigation canal and is preparing to perform the connections to Canal Blvd. and Second Street.

Expect road closures with local access to properties in the coming months.


Why is this work happening?

· Planned Residential Development PRD 16-04/P 16-02 for properties west of the irrigation canal was conditionally approved by the Wenatchee Hearing Examiner on August 3, 2017.

· The city’s comprehensive plan includes this connection across the irrigation canal as a necessary improvement with the development of the properties west of the canal.

· The Developer of the properties west of the canal has elected to construct these improvements prior to the development of the properties.


What does this mean to me?

· Local access only (no thru traffic) to properties along Canal Blvd.and Second Streets when the contractor closes the roads to construct the improvements generally detailed on the included map.

· Typical construction noise weekdays.  The included map indicates areas within the public right of way that will be receiving upgrades.

· The Bridge will remain closed to the public until such time as public road improvements associated with the PRD are constructed.


What to expect in the coming months.

· Closures of both Canal Blvd. and Second Street with local access to private property.

· Installation of new underground sewer, water, electric, and irrigation.

· Clearing of the public right of way for road and sidewalk improvements generally shown on the included map.

·  Temporary driveway connections to several parcels during the road reconstruction process.  All road approaches will be replaced “in-kind” to match the new roadway surface.


Please call us with questions — we are happy to discuss the project with you!

Gary Owen, City Engineer 509-888-3204 Anna Alvarez, Public Information Officer 509-888-3213 E-mail:


 Project map